Monday, July 30, 2012

reunited and it feels so good.

Yes. It's been 6 months since I've posted anything. There is no one reason why I stopped posting, but I'm excited to be back on the wagon!

This past week was not spent in San Francisco (so maybe not the best time to revive the blog) but it was a great week at that. Monday I flew out to Boston for the third visit since I moved for work and decided to stay through the weekend to spend time with friends. Some highlights from the week days:
  • Monday: stayed in Jamaica Plain with Kelly - a great run around the pond and then some amazing Indian food (totally hit the spot).
  • Tuesday: stayed in Woburn but I saw Ian M. - such a wonderful unplanned dinner! I also enjoyed a Pretty Things Jack D'or in the proper glassware - couldn't have been happier.
  • Wednesday: Jumpstart outing, always a good time.
  • Thursday: stayed in Somerville at Kristin's and grabbed dinner with Lena, Kristin, Jess (the happy almost bride!) and Katy at Five Horses Tavern. Really good food, really good beer, hilarious conversation.
  • Friday: CLOVER FOR DINNER! Then straight chilled with Candice. Watched the opening ceremonies, which were kind of a miss, especially the huge baby thing. Matt Lauer put it best - "I don't know if that's cute or creepy." 
The weekend had to commence with a Saturday morning run. It took very little convincing to get myself a partner in crime for the training run - although I was the bum that was running late (sorry Pete!). Stayed at a 9:10 mile pace, which gives me some hope that, as out of shape as I am, I could actually meet some of my goals this time around when I run the Nike Women's Marathon in October.

Mike made us a huge power breakfast before heading to the Merrimack Valley Country Club for the Ellen's Heart and Soul Summer Classic. Nothing better for bonding with the guys than a little golf. The dream team (me, Ian, Seth and Mike) were not the best, but definitely not the worst. I sucked, to be expected, but added color commentary and some good shots (almost). Play of the day goes to Ian with the 30+ foot putt and a very animated celebration. The Jameson and Bud Light were also key players in the day. A little rain cut things short but we were all anxious anyway to rest up and rally for the evening activity at House of Blues. It's always great to have events and reasons to bring the entire group together so it wouldn't really have mattered where we went, it was bound to be a good time. Stellar dance moves by all!

Sunday funday started a little later than my normal Sunday's due to lack of sleep. I was happy to make it up to Cambridge again for brunch at Russell House with Paul, Paige and Candice. As if I hadn't had enough alcohol, I had an amazing Bloody Mary - too good to say no. I then checked out their new digs (so cute!) and am obsessed with the kitchen. The walk to Sofra Bakery is insanely close - jealousy oozed out of me. I can't wait for more good times to come at that place. Next stop - Local 149 in Southie to visit Jay and drink a few beers (I should have ordered a new liver for this trip). Had a couple local brews that I'd never heard of and it's always great to see Jay. Especially since he gave me a ride on his scooter! I'm hooked - I want one. Immediately.

Last night we ate at one of the better restaurants in Southie - Franklin Cafe. It was a precursor to Outside Lands since they all are coming out less than two weeks for the festival. Discussion was mostly focused on bands to see, what to do about nightlife and how the hell to keep track of each other. I cannot wait for their visit - Boston invades San Francisco!

Well, this flight has seemed like the longest ever, but it's great to have the Olympics to keep me busy. Go Courtney Thompson and the entire women's volleyball team! Bring home gold to Kent!

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